Open Lotus Pendant
Bronze Wings Necklace
White Bronze Wing Necklace
Skeleton Necklace
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Antler Bronze Necklace Adjustable size | Tribal jewellery

Antler Necklace

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Bronze Dream Necklace
Bird claw charm

Bird Claw Necklace

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Stem Thorn Necklace
Moose Bronze Necklace
Moose horn necklace | Tribu
Untamed ramskull pendant
Ganesh elephant god charm

Ganesh Necklace

Love charm

Love charm

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Tree of life charm
Tiny wing charm

Tiny wing charm

Tusk Necklace

Tusk Necklace

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Merkaba Charm
Hope Charm Necklace
Root Chakra Bronze Charm
Root Chakra Silver Charm Pendant - Tribu
Bird Skull Necklace

Bird Skull Necklace

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Ganesh Bronze  Charm Pendant - Tribu

Ganesh Charm Necklace

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24K  Gold Plated Fatima Hand Charm Pendant - Tribu
Breathe Necklace - Silver Necklace - Yoga Necklace - Silver Yoga Necklace - Tiny Necklace - Tiny Silver Necklace - Yoga Jewellery - Spiritual Necklace - Spiritual Jewellery
Namaste Bronze Charm
Bronze Tree Of Life Charm Pendant - Tribu
Bronze Skull Charm Pendant - Tribu

Bronze Skull Necklace

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