Fish Tail Bronze Necklace
Antler Bronze Necklace
Brass Snake Necklace
Geometric design of Hamsa with evil eye pendant made out of sterling silver. This minimalistic protection talisman has a clean look makes it a perfect protection charm ornament to wear daily.   The Hamsa symbol is a protection amulet known in the Middle East to bring good fortune. It pushes away evil spirits and protects from the jealousy of others and negative energy.  Material: 925 Sterling Silver Dimensions: L 33mm , W 16mm Comes on a silver chain.
Arabesque Silver Necklace
Silver Feather Necklace
Bird Claw Silver Necklace

Bird Claw Charm

Blackwood unicorn tusk pendent on a silver chain side view
Bronze Links Chain
Delicate tiny lotus charm that will stay close to your heart, lotus flower symbolises purity, enlightenment and the important of all- Life. It is a special charm to give to yourself or to a special someone.  Material: 925 Sterling Silver Dimensions: H 20mm , W 18mm Comes on a matching chain.
Crystal and Silver Necklace
Silver Snake Necklace | Tribu London
Silver Bear Claw Pendant

Tusk Necklace

Silver Fox Tail Chain

Silver Fox Tail Chain

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Hope Charm Necklace