Malachite Spiral Gauge Earrings
Red Coral Spiral Stretcher
Centipede Spiral Horn Strecher
Honeycomb Spiral Gauges with Brass
Turquoise Spiral Gauge Earrings
Black Twisted Stretcher
Snake Gauge Earring

Snake Gauge Earring

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Marine Snake Tribal Hook
Circular Curled Horn Ear Stretcher
Horn Snake Ear Stretcher
Twisted Solid Tribal Hook
On sale
Solid Tribal Hook Twisted Ear Stretcher
Dragon Horn Hook

Dragon Horn Hook

From £10.00
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Horn Hook with Bone Skull

Horn Hook with Bone Skull

£10.00 £12.00
Open Triangle Solid Hook
The Black Flame Dancer
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Solid Tribal Curved Snake Horn Hook
Black carved Stretcher
Spiral Solid Horn Hook
Round Shaped Solid Horn Hook
Horse Shoe Solid Tribal Hook
Circular Shaped Solid Horn Hook
Simple Solid Horn Hook
Open Spiral Solid Horn Hook
Curving Tail Horn Ear Stretcher
Horn Twisted Solid Tribal Hook
Triangular Spiral Solid Horn Hook
Double Fish Tail Solid Horn Hook
Horn Spiral Hook With Silver Tip
Pointy Spiral Horn Ear Stretcher