Piercing Jewellery Guide

Body piercing jewellery are highly popular fashion accessory that has been around for centuries. It is a form of self-expression, allowing individuals to reveal their unique style and personal taste through different types of jewellery. Whether it's a piercing on the ear, nose, lip, tongue, or belly button, the right piece of jewellery can add a touch of flair to any look.
When selecting jewellery for your piercing, it's essential to consider a few factors to ensure that you end up with the right piece.
Firstly, different piercings require different types of jewellery, so choosing the appropriate one for your piercing type is vital. For example, a nose piercing may require a stud or a ring designed explicitly for nose piercings, while a belly button piercing may require a curved barbell.
Secondly, you should also consider the functionality of the jewellery you select. For example, if you like to change your jewellery frequently, a clicker ring may be a good option as it's easy to insert and remove. On the other hand, if you prefer a more permanent piece of jewellery, a seamless ring may be a better choice.
Finally, know your piercing size (thickness), the bar's length, or the ring's diameter that fits your piercing. Everyone's body is different. There's no one universal size that fits all.

So, whether you're a beginner or an experienced piercing enthusiast, our body piercing jewellery guide can help you choose the right jewellery for your piercing that will also express your personality and style.


Straight barbell icon.jpg__PID:2301a695-4159-4d1b-a8c6-c53809154f23

Straight Barbell

Horseshoe barbell icon.jpg__PID:a52301a6-9541-49ed-9b28-c6c53809154f

Horseshoe Barbell

Curved barbell icon.jpg__PID:52a52301-a695-4159-ad1b-28c6c5380915

Curved Barbell

Flat back stud icon.jpg__PID:126e4d2d-bd54-482d-a57e-4c97ccde12f6

Flat-Back Stud - Labret

Clicker ring icon.jpg__PID:d97a5e0c-1e61-4c82-9b8c-667151742af1

Hinged-Segment - Clicker Ring

Seamless ring icon.jpg__PID:5e0c1e61-7c82-4b8c-a671-51742af10cb0

Seamless Ring

BCR icon.jpg__PID:59d97a5e-0c1e-417c-82db-8c667151742a

CBR (Captive Bead Ring)

Fixed bead ring icon.jpg__PID:7a5e0c1e-617c-42db-8c66-7151742af10c

Fixed Bead Ring

  • CBR (Captive Bead Ring)

Keep in mind that the type of material plays an important role when choosing piercing jewellery. It is highly recommended to select high-quality jewellery made from high-grade materials. Additionally, it's crucial to determine if you have any sensitivity to metals beforehand, as some individuals are more prone to react to different types of metals. For further information on materials and care instructions, please visit our Materials, or Handling & Care page.


Barbells icon.jpg__PID:9ef0a6fc-7981-402c-9d77-75464f522ed3

The name "Barbell" was inspired by the similarity of the jewellery to weight-lifting bars, but that's not the story. Barbells are highly adaptable body jewellery pieces that are suitable for most piercing types. They consist of a bar and a bead on each end, with one end usually fixed and the other removable. Barbells come in three shapes:
Straight bar commonly used for anti-helix, tongue, nipple and more.  
Curved bars, usually worn in the navel, various cartilage areas, lip and eyebrow.
and Horshoe, a circular shape that fits most piercing types, it's a popular design for septum and nipple.

Close-up of model wearing Barbell piercing in the navel


Flat back stud icon.jpg__PID:126e4d2d-bd54-482d-a57e-4c97ccde12f6

Labret piercings are named after the under lip piercing as they were designed with a flat back that sits comfortably against the gum. They have become increasingly popular for ear piercings such as helix, tragus, conch and more, due to their flat back which provides a seamless fit, making them comfortable to wear while also being less likely to get caught in clothes.
There are two types of closures: externally threaded, where the screw is on the bar inserted into the piercing, and internally threaded, where the screw is inserted into the post. It is a smoother option that won't scrape or injure the surrounding tissue. This is especially important for fresh piercings that need adequate time to heal.

Golden Aurora hangers turquoise


Clicker ring icon.jpg__PID:d97a5e0c-1e61-4c82-9b8c-667151742af1

Clicker rings have become popular due to their hinged clasp, which makes them highly convenient and easy to use. These rings are commonly used for septum piercing, but they are also great for other types of piercings such as helix, daith and cartilage. One of the key advantages of clicker rings is their versatility, allowing wearers to change their jewellery frequently.
Therefore, they offer a wide range of designs and styles from various materials.
So, whether you want to switch up your style or try out a new look, clicker rings offer a practical and stylish option

Close-up of model wearing septum clicker ring


Seamless ring icon.jpg__PID:5e0c1e61-7c82-4b8c-a671-51742af10cb0

This piercing ring is a versatile piece of jewellery that can be used for many types of body piercings.
They are made from a variety of materials, from natural such as gold and silver or synthetic metals such as surgical steel and Titanium.
Seamless rings also come in small piercing sizes from 0.6mm, making them an ideal choice for nose piercings.
Although this piercing ring is popular, it is important to note that it may not be suitable for piercings where the jewellery is replaced frequently, as this can cause the ring to become misshapen and less secure.
With its various materials, sizes, and styles, you can be sure to find the perfect ring to suit your piercing.

Close-up of model wearing septum seamless ring

CBR (Captive Bead Ring)

BCR icon.jpg__PID:59d97a5e-0c1e-417c-82db-8c667151742a

These piercing rings, also known as Ball Closure Rings (BCR), are designed to be held together by a pressure-fitting bead to ensure a secure fit. Over the years, there has been significant progress in the designs of these rings, and now CBRs gain popularity because they provide an extensive range of styles - The traditional CBR design, which consisted of a ring with a ball, has been replaced by more creative designs.
These rings are highly versatile and can be used for most body piercings as they come in a wide range of sizes, from small gauge rings that can easily be worn by oneself to larger sizes that require special tools and the assistance of a professional piercer. 

Close-up of model wearing Ball Closure Ring


Fixed bead ring icon.jpg__PID:7a5e0c1e-617c-42db-8c66-7151742af10c

Unlike BCR (Ball Closure Ring), where the bead is held in place by pressure, in fixed bead rings, the bead is attached to one end of the ring, and its purpose is to capture the other end. This design is similar to a seamless ring but with the added benefit of a bead that helps to maintain the ring's shape and provide a secure fit. 
These piercing rings are commonly used for nose piercings as they are made in small-size gauges, starting at 0.6mm and typically, decorated with ornaments or gems.
They are definitely a perfect option for those seeking a secure and stylish nose piercing. 

Close-up of model wearing nose ring

Remember, proper sterilisation and hygiene are essential when handling body jewellery. Please look at our care instructions for guidance on cleaning and maintaining your body jewellery.

If you have any questions about piercing jewellery or maintenance tips, feel free to ask.