Ouroboros Silver  Ear Studs
Eye of Horus and Ouroboros Pendant
Golden Glow Hoop Earrings
Simple Gold Band Ring
Gold Plated Spiraling Ring
Tear Drop Silver Septum
Sakra Silver Septum
Twisted Tribal Silver Ring
Silver wave necklace

Wave necklace

Silver mandala Lotus pendant

Lotus Mandala Necklace

From £69.00
Flower of Life Sphere Pendant
Honey Bee Silver Ear Jacket
Believe  Silver Necklace
Paw Silver Charm
Bird claw charm

Bird Claw Necklace

From £28.00
Antique coin silver ring
Tiny Silver Skull Ring
Antique coin silver ring
Skull silver ring
Antique coin silver ring
Mammoth Ivory Dracarys Ring
Silver Flower Septum