Karnataka Silver Hoop Hangers

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    Pair of Karnataka Silver Hoop Hangers frontal vie
    Karnataka Silver Hoop Hanger right side view
    Karnataka Silver Hoop Hangers, seamless ring and bead apart
    Karnataka silver bead right side view
    Karnataka silver bead left side view

    This collection takes inspiration from the traditional tribal jewellery found in the southern Indian state of Karnataka.

    The hoop hanger is a remarkable piece of jewellery consisting of two parts: an intricate three-dimensional bead sculpted with carved and embossed geometric shapes, and a seamless ring. This versatile piece can be separated into two parts, making it a great addition to any jewellery collection.

      • Material: 925 Sterling Silver
      • Size: 3mm (8g)
      • Dimension: 22mm from top to bottom
      • Weighs: 7 grams each


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