Infinity Silver Snake Charm, Tribu London Jewellery
Silver Believe Necklace
Bird Skull Necklace
Sacral Chakra Silver Charm
Heart Chakra Silver Charm
Silver Tusk Necklace

Silver Tusk Necklace

From £40.00
Bull Skull Silver Pendant
Large Silver Wing Charm
Silver Bear Claw Pendant
Root Chakra Silver Charm
The Moon Goddess Necklace
Silver Namaste Charm
Silver Snake Necklace
Silver Love Charm Pendant
Ohm petit charm in Silver
Silver Happy Buddha Charm Pendant - Tribu
Breathe Necklace - Silver Necklace - Yoga Necklace - Silver Yoga Necklace - Tiny Necklace - Tiny Silver Necklace - Yoga Jewellery - Spiritual Necklace - Spiritual Jewellery
Silver Skull Charm

Silver Skull Charm

From £28.00
Lotus Mandala Necklace

Lotus Mandala Necklace

From £69.00
Silver Snake Chain

Silver Snake Chain

From £25.00
Rhodium Plated Links Chain
Seed of Life  Lotus Frame Charm Pendant - Tribu
 - 1
Old Tribal Tibetan Bead - Tribu