How To Clean Irritated Ear Piercing

How To Clean Irritated Ear Piercing

If my ear piercing feels irritated, first thing i do is to remove the Jewellery from the irritated piercing and wash the it with Saline Solution. Saline is simply a bit of Sea Salt (sodium chloride) mixed in warm water. In medical clinics it is used for verity of purposes, from flushing wounds and skin scratches to eye drops and contact lences hydreting and even in hipodermic infusions.
Saline is easy to make at home but it is VERY important to use the right proportions. Using too much sea salt can cause skin dehydration and even burns.
To make Saline Solution all you need is warm mineral water and fine grain sea salt (sodium chloride)  we recommend to use iodized sea salt. It is the best type to use for it contain elements that makes it more compatible for healing wounds then other types. Also other good quality sea salt will help just make sure to mix the right amount of salt and to use FINE Sea salt. avoid using rock or big grain salt, do NOT use Epsom salt.

Simple to prepare
Pour 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in a cup contain 220ml hot water and stir until the salt resolves in the water.

How to use Saline Solution
Use a paper towel, fold it so it becomes thick as paper pad, deep the paper pad in the solution you prepared and apply on the irritated piercing, soak the piercing repeatedly and apply a bit of pressure on the area. When the pad gets dry deep it again, you will need to deep it several time, I recommend to keep on going for 10 minutes

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