The Lotus -so much more then a flower

The Lotus -so much more then a flower

The Lotus

-so much more than a flower


From my travels in India, I still remember sometimes seeing lotuses by the side of the road. The first thing you spot would be a small dark pond by a dirt road, sometimes with water buffaloes trying to cool down inside. Then as you get closer suddenly you would see these beautiful pink flowers appearing in the dark and murky water. Right before the evening, they close up just to open up again the next morning, beautiful as the day before, embracing the new day. Any yogi or yogini and many others can identify with this cycle.
On the mat in the morning, rising with the sun, embracing  a new day ahead, and feeling fully energised and at bloom, ready for the challenges ahead, connected by strong roots, by the end of your morning practise. And by the evening, reflecting, wrapping up the day, curling together to rest.
The symbolism of the beauty and light that can grow and nourish from such a dark and unfriendly environment can be seen in many places.
That is why the Lotus is very special to me and I always carry it with me in the shape of a ring  remind me of the positive that can come out of anywhere if you just open your eyes to it.
And next time you sit in a Lotus position to meditate at the beginning or end of your practice, remember the symbolism of opening up to the beauty that is all around you, the small special things that might pass by unnoticed unless you make sure you stay alert to see them.
I thought I would share an Open heart Lotus meditation that Shiva Rea and Dimitri taught us at a retreat in Santorini some years ago.

Sat nam


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