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4 Gold Septum Rings Trends for a Modern and Trendy Style 2022

4 Gold Septum Rings Trends for a Modern and Trendy Style 2022

The gold septum ring has gained huge popularity over the past few years. Regardless of whether faux or real, it exclusively pops up on the faces of passersby and celebrities. You can find them in different materials, colors, and styles.

Some of the prettiest and the most exclusive gold septum rings make the septum piercings look cool because of their versatility. These rings are no longer the accessories for the grungy and the edgy.

They are grandiose and dainty pieces with the ability to make the wearer stand out from the rest. They have their moment right now and are being tried and tested by everyone dying to look fashionable. Check out these four gold septum rings that are full of flair and originality.

Do not be surprised if they attract you to get under the needle:

Silver Omega

The best alternative to the traditional hoops, these septum rings have their own pizazz. They come as one of the surefire ways of taking your septum piercing to some other level altogether.

Try mixing and matching these pieces to create a more exclusive appearance. Believe it; you will get an appearance that others will find very difficult to copy. Fashionistas love every bit of these beautiful rings, and that's why they have caught up on the modern trend this 2022.

Septum to Chandelier Rings

The simple addition of a beautiful chain that connects to this chandelier-style earring offers this piece an elegant and exclusive appearance. As stunning as this piercing is, it is one style that fits every queen.

The intricate design of this ring makes it one of the most beautiful pieces for septum piercings. You will love how it flares through the nostrils perfectly. And yes, you cannot go wrong with septum jewelry that is as captivating as this simple yet subtle ring.

Golden Goddess

This is one gorgeous piece of septum jewelry you are sure to fall in love with. It will give you and your septum piercing a new lease of life. The ones available in the form of the septum to ear gauge chains are pieces you will not see regularly. This is what makes them completely exclusive.

The diamond stone-filled earrings in this category also look bling. Considering that diamonds are the best friends of a woman, these septum rings are a true winner.

Rings with Lovely Gems and Decorated Hoops

This is an otherwise plain septum ring adorned with colored gems. This septum ring comes as a refreshingly new and modern earring trend this season with all the silver and gold styles that we are so used to seeing regularly.

Decorated hoops are decorated with sufficient beads to stand out from the other septum ring varieties. These are intricate rings drawing attention to the lips.


If you are craving to add the septum piercing to your collecting right now, try decorating the piercing with the rare pieces of rings detailed above. With these statement pieces above, you can remain assured of getting heads turning towards you.