Silver Believe Necklace
Bird Skull Necklace
Heart Chakra Silver Charm
Silver Tusk Necklace

Silver Tusk Necklace

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Bull Skull Silver Pendant
Silver Open Wing Pendant
Silver Bear Claw Pendant
Root Chakra charm pendant made out of sterling silver. The root chakra is the first out of seven in the body's energy system, it is located at the base of the spine and its element is earth. This chakra is responsible for survival, security and grounding our roots with a sense of vitality. Material: 925 Sterling Silver Dimensions : 22mm by 14mm Comes on a matching chain.
Tiny moon goddess charm necklace made out of sterling silver and beautifully polished to shine. A powerful and unique fertility charm to give to a special someone.  Material: 925 Sterling Silver Dimensions: H 23mm , W 7mm  Comes on a matching chain.
Silver Namaste Charm
Silver Snake Necklace | Tribu London
Silver Love Charm Pendant
Ohm petit charm in Silver
Silver Happy Buddha Charm Pendant - Tribu
Great light design of Hamsa protection charm, beautifully made out of sterling silver with etched ornaments and evil eye symbol in its centre. Its small size and dainty finish makes it a perfect protection charm to wear daily.   The Hamsa symbol is a protection amulet known in the Middle East to bring good fortune. It pushes away evil spirits and protects from the jealousy of others and negative energy.  Material: 925 Sterling Silver Dimensions: L 20mm , W 12mm Comes on a silver chain.
Silver Ouroboros Pendant | Tribu
Silver Skull Charm

Silver Skull Charm

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Lotus Mandala Necklace

Lotus Mandala Necklace

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Silver Ganesha Necklace
Tiny Silver Merkaba Charm | Tribu London
Ebony and Silver Necklace
Silver hand Gyan mudra
Mexican Sugar Skull Charm
Dimond cut Silver Chain
All Seeing Eye Moon Pendant | Tribu London
Silver Ohm Charm Pendant - Tribu
Wave necklace

Wave necklace

Bird Claw Silver Necklace
Silver Wire Merkaba