Fish Tail Bronze Necklace
Antler Bronze Necklace
Brass Snake Necklace
Geometric design of Hamsa with evil eye pendant made out of sterling silver. This minimalistic protection talisman has a clean look makes it a perfect protection charm ornament to wear daily.   The Hamsa symbol is a protection amulet known in the Middle East to bring good fortune. It pushes away evil spirits and protects from the jealousy of others and negative energy.  Material: 925 Sterling Silver Dimensions: L 33mm , W 16mm Comes on a silver chain.
Arabesque Silver Necklace
Silver Feather Necklace
Bird Claw Silver Necklace

Bird Claw Charm

Ebony and Silver Necklace
Bronze Links Chain
Delicate tiny lotus charm that will stay close to your heart, lotus flower symbolises purity, enlightenment and the important of all- Life. It is a special charm to give to yourself or to a special someone.  Material: 925 Sterling Silver Dimensions: H 20mm , W 18mm Comes on a matching chain.
Crystal and Silver Necklace
Silver Snake Necklace | Tribu London
Silver Bear Claw Pendant

Tusk Necklace

Silver Fox Tail Chain

Silver Fox Tail Chain

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Hope Charm Necklace