Why you should pay attention to your chakras

If you are a yogi or a yogini, you have probably heard the instructor telling you a certain asana is assisting in opening the heart chakra or in meditation that you visualise a certain chakra and maybe even colour. So what are the chakras, you might ask?

They are believed to be hundreds of chakras in the body but we have 7 chakras or energy centres that are the main ones. Each one is connected to a major organ or gland and also has its own colour which is connected to the vibrational frequency of that chakra. When the chakras are in balance we feel more confident, happier and creative.

Chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit. If you imagine each of the chakra points as a wheel that's spinning and pulls the energy inwards to its centre.

Every chakra is believed to have an energy vibration. The same way you can imagine if a chakra is “blocked” that it not only obstructs the energy to flow through that particular body part and point but also the flow through the other chakras. Each chakra is also connected to certain emotions it can certainly effect us on many levels, not only our physical well-being but by insecurities, fears etc which we then might pass on to our surroundings, friends and family. A blocked chakra might also make you feel anxious, tired, angry or suffer from poor digestion.


To restore the balance, you must first be aware of your feelings and then you can figure out which chakra needs balancing and stimulation.

There are various healing techniques, meditations, breathing work and asanas  to try to improve the condition of your chakras.

Chakra healing meditation


Align your Chakras with Yoga

Or why not try these yoga asanas to improve the balance between your chakras?


The first 5 chakras are connected to the earth elements. The other 2 chakras are thought to connect us beyond the earth and are instead connecting us to cosmic energy.

1. Root chakra (colour RED) - This is the Earth chakra positioned at the base of the spine, in the area of the tailbone. It is what is grounding us. 


2. Sacral or pelvic chakra (colour Orange) - The Water element. At the lower abdomen, around 2 inches below the navel. This is the chakra of acceptance that gives us the ability to welcome others in our life and new situations. It is connected to our sexual organs and our creativity.


3. Solar Plexus chakra (colour Yellow) - Represents the Element Fire located in the upper abdomen. If in tune helps us to feel confident and in control of our situation.

4. Heart chakra (colour GREEN) - Represents the element AIR. Just above the heart but in the  centre. Assists us in being able to Love , feeling compassion and acceptance.

5.Throat chakra (colour BLUE) - Throat chakra represents the Ether element. Linked to communicating about our emotions but also to become better at listening to others without judgement. 
6. Third eye chakra (colour INDIGO) - represents LIGHT. Located between the eyebrows, where you usually see Hindus put their bind or tikka . Connected to our ability to focus and concentrate.  When in balance improves our intuition and “seeing the bigger picture".  Used in meditation

7. Crown chakra (colour VIOLET or WHITE) - located just above the very  top of the head. Helps us to connect to the cosmic energy. Gives us the ability to connect spiritually and to pure consciousness.


Why not try this chakra balance test? Let’s find out which chakras of yours need balancing.