It’s that time again - when we make promises  we mostly fail to keep, even before we have chucked out the Xmas tree. Promises about what a super queen/king we will turn into this new year, as if we would get instant Cinderella powers to transform us. But the likelihood of actual winning the 153 million at Lotto is prob higher then us achieving those far fetched goals we have set ourselves. So maybe , just maybe this should be the year we change something . The year we are being a bit kinder to ourselves . The year we set small but reachable goals, instead of 5 am workouts 7 days a week. Because to be honest - both me and you know it’s a fail. Maybe it doesn’t need to be an eight pack we reach for, maybe a healthy workout routine which doesn’t involve flipping over tyres or jump onto boxes that’ are taller then us . Something we can actually follow, keep and that makes us feel good. 

Maybe it’s to be more present, stress less, spend more time with our friends, enjoy more. Whatever your intention for the new year is-make it happen! Make your promise to stick to the new you, and we don’t mean just until Sunday night. Start to spread and share the message of a new kinder YOU . Be the inspiration. 

Get yourself a necklaces to remind you of that intention. Or get one for someone you think needs it. 

I know which one I will get both for myself and give. Our Be here now charm. The best intention and gift for myself and the ones around me. It’s a promise and by actually wearing it and seeing it, i will get my daily reminder. Last year I also got myself a charm as well as gave one to my best friend . It had “she believed she could so she did“ written on it . Created many smiles around but most of all it gave me super powers whenever I felt I couldn’t anymore. 

Or as Cortney Love said : 

“I’m not a woman. I’m a force of nature.” 

Be unstoppable, be strong , be kind, be present! 

Maybe we wont make it on to Forbes 100 richest list , claim the world title from Anthony Joshua or do a duet with Ed Sheran but achieving something that is more sustainable, that changes our every day that bigger things can manifest.

An Obourus / snake ring or necklace is the perfect symbol for rebirth and change. Or the lotus flower, which is born out of murky, dark waters and then transforming into this beautiful, inspiring flower.