About Us

We're Tribu, a London based jewellery company, founded in 1998, for more than 25 years we have been dedicated to our passion - jewellery with a story.  
Our brand philosophy is built on the premise that style is born from individuality. Our jewellery is not any jewellery but should show personal expression. That has helped us building a loyal worldwide customer base. Throughout  the years our pieces have also been featured in a number of modern film identities and fashion productions.

Our Tribal roots are fairly self evident and we were pioneers at our time in bringing tribal jewellery with a modern edge to the market. With the years our collections has developed into sacred geometry, yoga, spirituality and urban gypsy styles. We now explore a wide range of materials from organic woods, stones, shells mixed with gold, silver and other metals. 
We are devoted to explore the frontier in the jewellery market and continue to bring edgy and stylish ranges of jewellery to our selective customers. 
Tribu- where trends are shaped-not followed.