Bird Skull Pendant

Bird Skull Pendant

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Stamped twisted silver ring
Ouroboros Snake Silver Ring
925 Silver Tara Flesh Tunnel - Tribu
Silver Lotus Petal Earrings
Tiny Silver Skull Ring
Gold Wire Merkaba
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Zen Crystal Hoop Earrings
Traditional Brass Hoop Ear Weight
Wing bracelet.
Hexagon Silver Flesh Tunnel
Tusk arm cuff
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'Unbroken' Ring

From £54.00
925 Silver Lotus Petals Flesh Tunnel - Tribu
925 Star of Life Silver hoops earrings - Tribu
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92.5 Silver Seed of Life Ring - Tribu
Flower of Life Sphere Pendant
Silver mandala Lotus pendant

Silver Mandala Pendant

From £69.00
Silver wave necklace

Wave necklace