Tribu Tattoo, the latest branch of our brand has evolved beautifully since it's opening last year. 

We've always been focused on the multiverse of art through culture and time, the roots of which are easily found in tattooing, it's one of the most ancient arts - and joys - in Human history.

Nestled beneath our main shop at 24 Chalk farm road is our tattoo studio - A sizeable, cosy and warmly lit space equipped with the highest quality needles and ink, complete with our own sterilising room. 

Tattoos mean more to us than a beautiful design and a happy customer, in line with the origins of tattoo - each is a rite of passage, a true mark on your journey, on each life we touch. Our aim is for the joyful memory to last as long as the tattoo!  

The studio is fully staffed with a variety of amazing resident artists and we frequently share the space with exciting guest artists from all over the world. This creates the energy felt here of living art. Styles available are fluid and many as artists and clients wishes command. 

There aren't inky wishes we can't work with and each experience, whether it's a consultation, a walk-in or booking, comes with the tangible high vibe energy of our artists doing what they love to do. 


Click one of our artists for their bio and a gallery of their work.

Amjad Elmnawer



Helena Velázquez



Sophie Wilde


Olivier Rynkiewicz


For all enquiries please contact -
☏ | 07856568742
Instagram | @tribulondontattoo

Facebook |    tribulondontattoo
24 chalk farm road
Camden, London

Opening hours:
Monday - Sunday 11am - 7pm
Walk-ins welcome