Brass Ear Cuff With A Chained Stud
Seed Of Life Ear Cuff
Dotted Brass Ear Cuff
Double Spiral Ear Cuff
Ornamented Brass ear cuff
Brass Om Ear Cuff
Ayla ear cuff

Ayla ear cuff


Ashiri Ear Cuff


Almora Ear Cuff

Asia ear cuff with Turqouise
Asia ear cuff with Turquoise
Asia ear cuff with Onyx
Armor ear cuff

Armor ear cuff

Silver wire ear cuff with two rings, beautiful jewellery to your cartilage and a great addition to your earrings collection, adding more accent and edginess and required no piercing.  Material: 925 Sterling Silver Dimensions: 9mm by 8mm  Sold as a single.
Silver X Ear Cuff | Tribu London
Silver And Black Onyx Ear Cuff With Chained Stud
Silver Trio Armour Ear Cuff | Tribu
Silver Trio Ear Cuff | Tribu London

Trio Ear Cuff