Bronze Tree Of Life Charm Pendant - Tribu
Gold Mudra Charm | Tribu London
Heart Chakra Silver Charm
Bronze Ramskull Pendant
Bronze Skull Charm Pendant - Tribu

Bronze Skull Necklace

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Bull Skull Silver Pendant
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Seed of Life  Lotus Frame Charm Pendant - Tribu
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Sterling Silver Sacral Chakra Charm Necklace. The sacral chakra is the second chakra out of seven in the body's energy system, it is also known as the sexual Chakra and relates to greater harmony around sexuality, emotional balance & creativity.  This Chakra charm is part of the seven chakras pendents collection, please check out our necklaces category to see more chakra pendents.  Material : 925 sterling silver Dimensions : 22mm by 14mm Comes on a matching chain.
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Root Chakra charm pendant made out of sterling silver. The root chakra is the first out of seven in the body's energy system, it is located at the base of the spine and its element is earth. This chakra is responsible for survival, security and grounding our roots with a sense of vitality. Material: 925 Sterling Silver Dimensions : 22mm by 14mm Comes on a matching chain.
Crown Chakra Silver Charm
Ganesh Bronze  Charm Pendant - Tribu

Ganesh Charm Necklace

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Bronze Angel Wing Charm Pendant - Tribu
Namaste Bronze Charm

Tree of Life Charm

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