Ouroboros Silver Tunnels

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    single Ouroboros silver ear tunnel left side view
    model wearing Ouroboros Silver Tunnels
    verity of Ouroboros silver ear tunnels
    single Ouroboros silver ear tunnel right side view
    two sizes of Ouroboros silver ear tunnel frontal view
    two sizes of Ouroboros silver ear tunnel left above view

    Powerful and gorgeous piece of jewellery to ornament your stretched ears, Ouroboros plug tunnels are beautifully handcrafted and detailed out of 925 sterling silver.

    The Ouroboros Snake is a symbol of rebirth. The creation begins after destruction. It represents self-reflexivity, introspection and cyclicality in the sense of something that is constantly re-creating itself and growing.

    • Material: 925 Sterling Silver
    • Sizes: 10mm (00g) - 22mm (7/8”)
    • Length: 11-12mm
    • for size conversion chart click here
    • It's flared back (0.8mm bigger) allow the plug to safely fit into the earlobe and don't fall out


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