Great Celtic pendant ornamented with the symbol of eternal spiritual life- The trinity knot, a shape that forms by a continuous line that interweaves around itself, with no beginning and no end.   Material: Brass, Copper inlay Nickel, cadmium and lead free. Dimensions : H 35mm , W 30mm Comes on adjustable cotton string or 24

Trinity Knot Pendant

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Teardrop shaped pendant with black Onyx stone encircled by Celtic ornaments. Black Onyx is a crystal to guide your spiritual journey by bringing the true reflection of your soul.   Material: Brass, Black Onyx Nickel, cadmium and lead free. Dimension: H 40mm , W 30mm Comes on an adjustable black cotton string.
Arang Bull Pendant
Untamed ramskull pendant
Sri Yantra with Petals Pendant

Merkaba Pendant

Winged skull pendant that will make your head bang. This great Celtic design is made out of white brass and suit both men and women.  Material: White Brass Nickel, cadmium and lead free. Dimensions : W 34mm , L 15mm  Comes on an adjustable cotton string to suit any size.
Lotus White Brass Pendant

Brass Flower Pendant

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Longhorn Skull Pendant
Brass Gyan Mudra Pendant - Tribu
Flower Of Life Brass Pendant - Tribu
 - 2
Sri Yantra Brass Pendant - Tribu
 - 1
Brass Monk Pendant - Tribu
The Monk Brass Pendant - Tribu
Meditating Buddha Pendant
Brass Tuareg Tribe Symbol Pendant