Silver Eye of Horus and Ouroboros Pendant
Silver Wave necklace

Wave necklace

Lotus Mandala Necklace

Lotus Mandala Necklace

From £69.00
Flower of Life Sphere Pendant
Believe  Silver Necklace
Paw Silver Charm
Bird claw charm

Bird Claw Necklace

From £28.00
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Easy Pose Silver Pendant
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Om charm

Om charm

From £14.00
Silver Bear Claw Pendant
Silver hand Gyan mudra
Tusk Necklace

Tusk Necklace

From £40.00
Horn Claw in Silver Holder | Tribu London
Merkaba Charm

Merkaba Charm Necklace

From £18.00
Ouroboros Snake Pendant
Large Silver Wing Charm
Rhodium Plated Links Chain