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'Unbroken' Wing Bracelet
Bone bead Mala
Antique Silver Armlet
Antler Arm piece | Tribu Goth Jewellery London

Antler Arm piece

Antler Bronze Necklace Adjustable size | Tribal jewellery

Antler Necklace

Arang Bull Pendant
Bird Claw Crystal Cuff | Tribu Jewellery London
Bird claw charm

Bird Claw Necklace

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Bird Skull Necklace | Tribu Goth Jewellery London

Bird Skull Necklace

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Black Agate Bead Bracelet
Black Wood and Shiva Eye Pendant
Black Wood Spiral Pendant - Tribu
Bone Mala With Turquoise - Tribu
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Brass And Glass Beads Anklet
Brass Shiva and Ohm Pendant - Tribu
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Brass Chain

Brass Chain

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Brass Flower Pendant
Brass Gyan Mudra Pendant - Tribu
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Brass Mandala Pendant