Silver Skull Tiny Charm Pendant - Tribu

Silver Skull Charm

From £22.00
Bull Skull Pendant
Ouroboros Snake Silver Ring
Merkaba Charm

Merkaba Charm Necklace

From £18.00
925 adjustable silver snake silver - Tribu
Ganesh Bronze  Charm Pendant - Tribu

Ganesh Charm

From £20.00
Merkaba ear stud

Merkaba ear stud

From £20.00
Dainty Sterling Silver Ring - Tribu
Ouroboros Snake Pendant
Gold or Silver Plated Mudra Charm
Tusk Necklace

Tusk Necklace

From £40.00
Silver Bear Claw Pendant
Heart Chakra Silver Charm Pendant - Tribu
Andes Climbers

Andes Climbers

From £45.00
Silver Triangle Ear Jacket
On sale
Rose Gold Plated Dust Ear Climber
Silver Chunky and Hollow Hoop Earrings - Tribu
 - 3
Ornamented Silver Ring - Tribu
Flower of life Silver Ring
Silver Lotus Flower Hoops - Tribu

Lotus In Flames

From £44.00
Sri Yantra Silver Hoop Earrings - Tribu
 - 1
Zen Crystal Hoop Earrings
Brass Dragon flesh tunnel
Delicate Septum

Delicate Septum