Opalite Ear Tunnel / Flesh Tunnels / Plug Tunnels

Opalite Ear Tunnel

From £10.00
Carved Wooden Flesh Tunnels
Olive Wood with Turquoise Earplug
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Sri Yantra Ear Plugs
Stone belly bar
Honey Comb Spiral Gauges with Brass
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'Clarity' Crystal Necklace
Horn Claw in Silver Holder
Mother Of Pearl Septum
Brass and Quartz Ear Weight
Lava bead bracelet
Green Jasper Ear Plug / Plug Earrings / Plug Gauges

Green Jasper Ear Plug

From £15.00
Lavender Deep Purple Stone Plug
Chocolate Jasper Stone Plug
Black Agate Stone Plug | Tribu Gauge Jewellery

Black Agate Stone Plug

From £15.00
Red Jasper Stone Ear Plug

Red Jasper Stone Plug

From £15.00
Batik Jasper Stone Plug
Pearl Belly Piercing
Arang Wood and Malachite Ear Plug
Wing Bone Gauge Hook  Earring
Rose Quartz Stone Ear Plug / Plug Earrings / Plug Gauges / Ear Gauges
 Turquoise Plug Earrings / Ear Gauges / Ear Plugs | Tribu
Drop Brass Ear Weight
Lava Bead Necklace

Lava Bead Necklace

From £20.00
Ebony Woman Mask