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Gold Plated Rose Flower Pendant - Tribu

Rose Flower Pendant

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Gold Plated Skull Charm Pendant - Tribu
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Gold Flower Ear Studs - Tribu
Gold Vermeil Flower Pendant - Tribu
Gold Vermeil Tree Pendant - Tribu
Hook Shaped Gold Hook - Tribu

Hook Shaped Gold Hook

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9 Karat Gold Hunchback Hook
Gold Twisted Hook - Tribu
Paramour 9 Karat Gold Spiral
Ruby and Sapphire Gold Ring
9 Karat Gold Spiral Hook
24K Gold Plated Lotus Ear Studs - Tribu
Gold Wire Merkaba
Gold or Silver Plated Mudra Charm
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Delicate Ohm Gold Plated Silver Ring
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Gold Plated Silver Ring With Carved Holes
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Ohm 18 Karat Gold Plated Silver Ring
Gold Filled Necklace - Tribu
24K Gold Plated Karma Charm Pendant - Tribu
Gold Plated Charm Hangers
Decorated Gold Plated Plug Earrings
Three Dots Gold Plated Flesh Tunnel