Skull unisex chunky bracelet
Ethnic Brass Flesh Tunnel
Rajasthan ear weight
Skull hoop ear weight
Maui Gold Plated Fake Gauge Earring
Ironwood Bull Pendant With Balinese Brass Decoration
Ebony Flower Earrings
Zen Hoops Crystal Earrings
Moose  Bronze Necklace
Moose Necklace

Moose Necklace

Tusk arm cuff
Wing bracelet.
Thorn necklace

Thorn necklace

Thorn earrings
Tusk ring

Fierce ring

Tusk bracelet

Fierce cuff

Asia ear cuff

Asia ear cuff

Gold Fulani hanging hoops
Merkaba ear stud

Merkaba ear stud

From £20.00
Sacred Lotus Brass Pendant
Bronze Dotted Ear weights
Simple Brass Feather Cuff
Naga Shell and Brass Pendant
Padma Bangle

Padma Bangle

Traditional Brass Hoop Ear Weight
Brass and Quartz Ear Weight
Byron Brass Tribal Hook
Circular Brass Tribal Hook
Lalita Brass Septum