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On sale
single horn ear stretcher with abalone shell inlay, curved hook shaped right side view
Akshari Silver Septum
single Antique Silver Plug Tunnel with star ornament and a screw on closure
B&W Chevron Spiral Hook Gauges
On sale
On sale
Brass Ear Weight With Tiny Spiral
Brass Leaf Earrings
Brass Lotus Earrings
Centipede Claw Stretcher
single spiral horn ear stretchers centipede shaped with bone inlay right side view
On sale
Horn Spiral Ear Stretcher with Bone and Pearl Inlays
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Chevron Tunnels

£10.00 £15.00
Crystal And Ruby Mala - Tribu
 - 1
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Drop Brass Plug

Drop Brass Ear Plug

£13.00 £15.00
On sale

Emerald Silver Septum Ring

£40.00 £49.00
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several sizes of golden brass filigree ear tunnels frontal view

Frill Tunnels

£13.00 £15.00
Gold Jaya Septum
On sale
Golden brass plug tunnel with black resin inlay left side view

Golden Black Shell Tunnels

£13.00 £15.00
Golden Chinese Ear Weights
several sizes of golden brass hexagon ear tunnels front and side

Golden Hexagon Tunnels

From £15.00
On sale
several sizes of golden brass with MOP ear tunnels front and side view
several sizes of hammered black silver double flared ear plugs all view
single Hammered Black Silver Ear Tunnel left side view
Hammered golden brass plug earring left side view

Hammered Brass Plugs

From £16.00