Silver Flower Septum
Ruby and Sapphire Gold Ring
Honey Comb Spiral Gauges with Brass
Bronze Dotted Ear weights
Padma Bangle

Padma Bangle

Hexagon Silver Flesh Tunnel
Lakshmi silver septum
Akshari Silver Septum
Karen Brass Ear Weights
Karnataka Brass Ear Weights
Frill Brass Flesh Tunnel
Linear Lotus Brass Flesh Tunnel
Silver Indian Flesh Tunnel
925 Silver Tara Flesh Tunnel - Tribu
925 Silver Lotus Petals Flesh Tunnel - Tribu
Honeycomb Brass Flesh Tunnel - Tribu
Sulawesi Swirling Brass Earrings - Tribu
 - 1
Three Dots Gold Plated Flesh Tunnel
Decorated Gold Plated Plug Earrings
Rustic Sun Brass Flesh Tunnel - Tribu
Tara Brass Flesh Tunnel - Tribu
Simple Solid Brass Plug - Tribu
Brass Plug Triangle Design - Tribu
Hexagon Brass Flesh Tunnel - Tribu