9 Karat Gold Spiral Hook
Abalone hoop earrings
Abalone Mandala Earrings
Amala Silver Septum
Amalur Brass Septum
Andes Climbers

Andes Climbers

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Anila Silver Septum | Tribu Jewellery London
Bear Hug Silver Ring
Brass Dragon flesh tunnel / Ear Gauges / Ear Stretchers / Plug Earrings / Plugs / Tunnels / Plug Tunnels / Ear Tunnels / Screw Plugs / Brass Plug Tunnels / Brass Gauges / Brass Plugs / Brass Tunnels / Gauge Jewellery
Brass Floral Geometry Hoops
Brass Floral Hoops
Bronze Fierce ring
Bronze Skull Ring
Bronze Thorn Hoops
Sacred geometry charm, fascinating from any angle you look at it, intricate Merkaba pendant made delicately out of bronze wire.
Bull Skull Silver Pendant
Crude ring

Crude ring

Dainty Open Silver Ring
Dainty Sterling Silver Ring
Ditya Silver Septum Ring | Tribu Nose Ring London
Dotted Silver Band Ring
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Flower Ear Weight

Flower Ear Weight

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Flower of life Silver Ring
Ganesh Brass Ring