Sex, jewellery and rock'n roll

Sex, jewellery and rock'n roll

One of my closest friends asked me the other day how we built Tribu from nothing, well, from 300 dollars 18 years ago in fact. I thought about it and yes, here it is, here is the secret. 

Sex, jewellery and Rock n Roll! ... well, some drugs as well perhaps and lots of trance music. 

But yet that's pretty much it. That's what built our business. I guess it's not what they will tell you at one of those business forums as the recipe for success:) Also not sure my friend will try to integrate it to built her business to make it progress (it's a yoga studio). And I guess it's not entirely that acid that made it happen. 

Lots of people think about business, they want to start a business, something that makes lots of money. The thing is I would turn it around and think, what is my passion? What would I love to do for the rest of my life (and now I am not speaking about sex)? 

When we started we didn't think at all. We just wanted to have fun, take acid, make money for the day, make enough money for our next trip or festival. We loved the coconut jewellery we sold so well. Almost no one would pass our stall and look without buying a piece. We were passionate. We talked about it like it was precious gold and made our customers feel the same. We loved the shine, the smoothness, how it changed colour with time. The fact that it was natural. 

And when you are passionate about something, people feel it. Passion breeds passion. Think about it! How do you think people in the 60's could do the uprise and all the changes they did. It all started from passion, not greed! 

Have you got it? What's your passion? If you find it then go for it! Get it, make it work for you. And ENJOY, with or without the acid that is.